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If you see anything here that you do not want to see here, please contact me, I will remove it asap.

Diese Seite auf deutsch.

Also interesting: The Mac Facts (based on the legendary Chuck Norris Facts) or some stupid dogs.

The sausage gallery

The enterprise as sausage vessel.
Beeing in space already, here comes Ham Solo
For snorers, Schnidl-Lovers, and for the world
For the ultimative relaxation: The mask of sausage found at the sausage cemetery
Fine chocolate:
And for the wife: a bouquet of sausage
or a some bacon roses
Note the sign that says: Smoking is prohibited at the counter.
Who doesn't want to take a dreamy walk through these two lovely landscapes.
And for the kids: the sausage mobile.
And for the parents ... the best walk is on sausage:
Let's go to the Coktailbar at the Wurstblog:
Or just take some refreshing ice cream:
This years christmas is saved:
Last but not least, five classics of the german satire magacine Titanic, a joy, again and again
And finally some sausagy creations of Ritter Sport